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Jimmy Carter autographed
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Jimmy Carter Baseball
Jimmy Carter autographed official Major League baseball (Former President of The United States)
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Wally Schirra autographed
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Wally Schirra 8x10
8x10 Color photo autographed by Wally Schirra (NASA Astronaut walked on the Moon)
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John Glenn autographed
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John Glenn Cut Piece
John Glenn hand signed autographed signature cut proffesionally double matted and framed with a classic 8x10 NASA photo
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Alan Bean autographed
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Alan Bean 8x10
8x10 B/W photo autographed by Alan Bean (United States Astronaut - NASA)
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Jimmy Carter autographed
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Jimmy Carter 8x10
Jimmy Carter 8x10 BxW magazine photo autographed
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George Bush autographed
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George Bush Baseball
George Bush Signed & Grandstand Authenticated Baseball
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Margaret Thatcher autographed
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Margaret Thatcher Baseball
Baseball autographed by Margaret Thatcher
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Hillary Clinton autographed
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Hillary Clinton Baseball
Baseball autographed by Hillary Clinton
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Donald Trump autographed
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Donald Trump Baseball
Baseball autographed by Donald Trump
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George H.W. Bush autographed
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George H.W. Bush 16x20
16x20 autographed by George H.W. Bush
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Jimmy Carter autographed
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Jimmy Carter 16x20
16x20 autographed by Jimmy Carter
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Theodore Roosevelt & William Taft autographed
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Theodore Roosevelt & William Taft
1907 Document autographed by Theodore Roosevelt & William Taft
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Ted Kennedy autographed
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Ted Kennedy 8x10
8x10 autographed by Ted Kennedy
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Bill & Hilary Clinton autographed
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Bill & Hilary Clinton 8x10
8x10 autographed by Bill & Hilary Clinton
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Michelle Obama autographed
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Michelle Obama 8x10
8x10 autographed by Michelle Obama
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Calvin Coolidge autographed
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Calvin Coolidge Check
Check autographed by Calvin Coolidge
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Gen. Armstron Custer autographed
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Gen. Armstron Custer Check
Check autographed by Gen. Armstron Custer
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Eliot Ness autographed
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Eliot Ness Check
Check autographed by Eliot Ness
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Buzz Aldrin autographed
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Buzz Aldrin Check
Check autographed by Buzz Aldrin
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Gerald Ford autographed
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Gerald Ford Baseball
Official League Baseball autographed by Gerald Ford (Former President of the United States)
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 Bill Clinton autographed
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Bill Clinton Book
Bill Clinton Autographed "My Life" Book
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John F. Kennedy autographed
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John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy signed document (call for current pricing, photo requests)
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