1978 Yankees Memorabilia

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Cliff Johnson autographed
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Cliff Johnson Baseball
Official Major League Baseball autographed by Cliff Johnson (New York Yankees 1978 World Champion, Astros, Blue Jays, A's, Cubs legend)
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Bucky Dent & Brian Doyle autographed
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Bucky Dent & Brian Doyle Baseball
78 World Series Co MVP's
Official Major League Baseball autographed by Bucky Dent & Brian Doyle (New York Yankees 1978 World Series MVP)
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Jim Beattie autographed
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Jim Beattie Baseball
Official 1978 World Series baseball autographed by Jim Beattie (New York Yankees 1978 World Champion, Mariners legend)
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Paul Molitor & Alan Trammell autographed
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Paul Molitor & Alan Trammell Unsigned Card
Unsigned rookie card
Paul Molitor (Brewers), Alan Trammell (Tigers), UL Washington (Royals) and Mickey Klutts (Yankees) unsigned 1978 topps #707 unsigned rookie card
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1978 New York Yankees autographed
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1978 New York Yankees Photo
1978 New York Yankees Team Signed 24"x36" celebration photo
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