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Yogi Berra autographed
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Yogi Berra Jersey
Official New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Yogi Berra
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Duke Snider autographed
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Duke Snider Jersey
Official Brooklyn Dodgers #4 baseball jersey autographed by Hall of Famer Duke Snider (Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 World Champion, Los Angeles Dodgers 1959 World Champion, 400+ career Home Runs, Mets, Giants Hall of Famer)
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Reggie Jackson autographed
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Reggie Jackson Jersey
Official New York Yankees baseball jersey autographed by Reggie Jackson
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Phil Rizzuto autographed
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Phil Rizzuto Jersey
Official New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Phil Rizzuto
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Bobby Richardson autographed
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Bobby Richardson Jersey
Bobby Richardson autographed New York Yankees jersey
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Ernie Banks autographed
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Ernie Banks Jersey
Official Chicago Cubs Jersey autographed by Ernie Banks
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Cal Ripken Jr. autographed
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Cal Ripken Jr. Jersey
Official Baltimore Orioles Jersey autographed by Cal Ripken Jr.
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Steve Carlton autographed
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Steve Carlton Jersey
Official Philadelphia Phillies Jersey autographed by Steve Carlton
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Sandy Koufax autographed
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Sandy Koufax Jersey
Official Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey autographed by Sandy Koufax
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Derek Jeter autographed
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Derek Jeter Jersey
Yankees Replica Jersey
Derek Jeter Autographed New York Yankees Baseball Jersey
$1,100.00 Add to Cart
Ken Griffey Jr. autographed
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Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey
Official Seattle Mariners Jersey autographed by Ken Griffey Jr.
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Don Mattingly autographed
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Don Mattingly Jersey
Official home New York Yankees # 23 jersey autographed by Don Mattingly
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Mickey Mantle autographed
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Mickey Mantle Jersey
Official New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Mickey Mantle
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Derek Sanderson autographed
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Derek Sanderson Jersey
Derek Sanderson autographed New York Rangers Hockey Jersey
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Dwight Gooden autographed
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Dwight Gooden Jersey
Official New York Mets Jersey autographed by Dwight Gooden
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Andy Pettitte autographed
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Andy Pettitte Jersey
New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Andy Pettitte (New York Yankees 1996, 98, 99, 2000 World Champion)
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Willie Mays autographed
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Willie Mays Jersey
New York Giants baseball jersey autographed by Willie Mays (Hall of Famer)
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Willie Stargell autographed
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Willie Stargell Jersey
Authentic Pittsburgh Pirates jersey autographed by Willie Stargell
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Ted Williams autographed
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Ted Williams Jersey
Official Boston Red Sox jersey autographed by Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer)
$4,999.00 Add to Cart
Dave Winfield autographed
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Dave Winfield Jersey
Official New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Dave Winfield
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Mark McGwire autographed
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Mark McGwire Jersey
Official St. Louis Cardinals Jersey autographed by Mark McGwire
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Tom Seaver autographed
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Tom Seaver Jersey
Official New York Mets baseball jersey autographed by Tom Seaver
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Maury Wills autographed
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Maury Wills Jersey
Dodger Jersey autographed by Maury Wills (Los Angeles Dodgers 1963 World Champion, 62 NL MVP, 100 SB season, Pirates, Mariners legend)
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Roger Clemens autographed
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Roger Clemens Jersey
Official New York Yankees Jersey autographed by Roger Clemens
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Deion Sanders autographed
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Deion Sanders Jersey
Official Atlanta Braves Jersey autographed by Deion Sanders
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